About Us

Reaching Northwest Iowa and beyond for over three decades, we focus on assisting businesses with their IT challenges.  Today’s technological environment rapidly shifts as new opportunities or threats evolve.  We strive to stay abreast of the latest tech trends and security threats and apply that information when our customers need to make IT changes affecting their business models.

The staff at Rebnord Technologies prides themselves on establishing a long-term relationship with their clients. We will help you evaluate all the options and make the recommendation that best fits your business, even if products or services are provided by another vendor.

Rebnord Technologies strives to fill in the gaps that other vendors cannot. Integration with multiple systems can be difficult or impossible for many service providers. However, Rebnord Technologies will act as your local point of contact to get all your systems on the same page.

Tired of having to sit on hold with different support providers? The experts at Rebnord Technologies can help by acting as your local IT Department and bridging the gap between your local infrastructure and the multiple providers you need to interact with to make it all work.

With training and certifications greater than required by most organizations, along with clients in multiple industries, Rebnord Technologies can leverage that exposure to help businesses implement solutions that internal staff may not have experienced previously. Often this affords our clients a more secure and robust installation at significant cost savings.

Our Principles


Kindness should be extended at every opportunity, to everyone. An internal environment that is friendly, kind, and forgiving of mistakes is positive and productive. Kindness externally builds our social capital, reputation, and makes our customers want to engage with us in the future.


Integrity builds trust, upon which the strongest relationships are built. When we trust others, we are more willing to be open and engage. We foster relationships internally to create a friendly, productive, and positive environment for staff and externally with our customers to provide solutions that are rooted in the needs of our customers.


The best execution must be both effective and efficient. Effective and efficient execution is an alignment with the vision and strategic goals of our customers.